Celebrating Our 52nd Anniversary in 2016

A-G-E Corporation Contractors was established in 1964. Roots of the company were formed in 1952 when company founder G. Allan Johnson (1913-1997) started his own business building dams and doing soil conservation projects. His son Gerald joined him in 1955 after his discharge from the United States Marine Corp. They operated as Allan Johnson & Son Construction Co. In 1964 Allan's son-in-law, Elden Garrett (1929-2013), joined him and Gerald, forming a new company, A-G-E Corporation, and have operated exclusively under that trade name since then.

The early days of the company were focused on small road and highway projects, but as the company grew it became active in many different services.

A-G-E Corporation’s ability to do large to small jobs keeps us as a leader in the profession as we are able to perform for a client of any size.

Today, A-G-E Corporation is a fourth generation company as Gerald's son, Gary, heads up company project direction. Gary's sons, Gerad and G. Andy also work in the business and represent the company's fourth generation.

When it comes to your construction needs consider the company with over 50 years of experience.