Since 1964, A-G-E Corporation has evolved from mainly doing heavy grading highway projects in South Dakota and Wyoming. Our team has diversified into many other types of projects but we still focus our attention to highway/heavy projects.


Railroad projects involve special planning, procedures and know how that differs from that of traditional highway projects. A-G-E Corporation can assist with almost any need of the railroad industry including new grade, switch removal and placement, crossings and much more.

Structural Precast

A-G-E Corporation has set more precast box culverts and bridges than any other contractor in the state of South Dakota. We take special care and pride in this type of work and keep safety as our number one concern. Whether it's private, public, joint venture or you need a reliable sub-contractor trust A-G-E with your pre-cast work.

Site Development

When it comes to site work, A-G-E Corporation has all the necessary people, skill and equipment to handle any job. We can provide excavation, truck hauled materials, building pads, landscaping, underground utilities and much more.

Other Services

Agriculture, heavy mechanical, heavy transport, underground utilities, HDPE fusion pipe, fabrication, flat work, demolition, construction materials, mechanical dredging, and trucking are a few of the other projects and services that we provide.